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 RapidSSL SSL Certificate 

Amankan Situs Anda dengan cepat dengan Solusi Sederhana & Mudah

RapidSSL® adalah staples industri SSL.Opsi sertifikat berbiaya rendah ini adalah standar 128/256-bit dan merupakan salah satu sertifikat SSL Domain Tervalidasi (DV) paling populer di dunia.Ini dikenal dengan proses penerbitan cepat dan harga super terjangkau.99 +% dari semua browser mengenali sertifikat ini dan ini merupakan solusi ideal untuk situs web tingkat pemula.

Product Summary

Validation Type:  DV 







Site Seal:


Server Licensing:


Site Seal Included

Rapid Site Seal

It's quick, cost-effective & easy to install a DV SSL certificate, and this solution offers a basic level of assurance to site users by displaying https and activating the little padlock icon in the URL space of web browsers. You can get this almost INSTANTLY*** by using our lightning-fast and automated Domain Control Validation (DCV) process. You'll also have access to a static trust seal (or trust mark) that you can download and display on your website.

*** Issuance of the certificate is based on the validation process


RapidSSL® is a fully-stable 128/256-bit single-root SSL certificate. This makes it an ideal solution for a very light ecommerce site or a perfect way to safely secure something like a customer login form.


Unfortunately, a standard RapidSSL® Certificate does NOT have a SAN or Multi-Domain supported option.

  • Strong 128/256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL
  • The lowest cost install SSL certificate
  • 99% browser recognition rate, no chained installation
  • Automated online validation – no paperwork
  • Immediate SSL certificate issuance 24/7/365
  • Multi-year savings available – 1 to 4 year issuance
  • FREE "Secured by RapidSSL" site seal
  • $10,000 warranty
** Applicable to a server that supports SNI (Server Name Indication)
  • Single Domain Name (FQDN)
  • Issued Immediate ***
  • Domain Validation
  • Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only
  • Encryption Strength Up to 256-bit
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
  • Site Seal Included
  • Unlimited Server Licenses – Install on any number of servers
  • FREE self-service reissues during validity period

*** Issuance of the certificate is based on the validation process

Site Seal

With this DV cert, you get to display a static site seal, to show off that your site is protected by this recognized SSL brand. It says "Secured by RapidSSL®" right on it. Static site seals are quick & easy to install, however they are not "clickable" to show additional verification information related to your site. It also does not display any dynamic or real-time data related to your site's security.


With this product, you get a $10,000 warranty. This means that if the site was improperly validated, actually not secured and/or issued to a fraudulent site by this Certificate Authority (CA), etc., the CA would compensate the end user of the site or victim up to $10,000 for any loss or damages incurred. Warranties are geared towards protecting your customers and to establish credibility of the site owner, giving users the confidence they need to make purchases on your site.



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